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DUBAI as a domicile of top fintech companies

Posted by Ernest John Fleckenstein on May 1, 2019 at 2:45 PM Comments comments (143)

Dubai belongs to one of the largest and fastest growing urban centres in the world. The story of its development began with oil and gas; however, they represent only a fraction of the contemporary revenues. Other business sectors, including financial technology, have come to the forefront.

Dubai’s economic transformation was not accidental; it was part of a sophisticated policy focusing on the future potential. Consequently, the Dubai Emirate has become the tech-leader of the whole Middle-East area (MEA). The establishment of free trade zones (more than 20 nowadays) with tax credits guaranteed by investors, no import or export duties and minimal obligations towards local authorities have soon bore fruit. Moreover, companies based in these zones benefit from low administrative burdens and a perfect infrastructure. The functioning of free trade zones is supervised by licensing offices. It is no accident that Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Hewlett Packard, Dell, IBM and many other multinationals have their domicile there. This location is sought after and according to estimation the area will double in size over the next five years.

Dubai International Financial Center

Dubai’s economic progress is managed by the local government headed by Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who immensely fosters innovation in the emirate. The government's active approach to new forms of business can be witnessed also in the fact that the son of the current emir Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed Al Maktoum is the president of Dubai's largest international free-trade area, the DIFC (Dubai International Financial Center). It hosts almost two thousand banking, insurance, property management and other companies. DIFC offers its clients many benefits, including a 50-year zero taxation guarantee.

The Emirate development policy led to recognition of Dubai as one of the world’s top FinTech hubs, and the real leader in the MENA region. The development of the city as a global financial centre is proven by the fact that it ranked on position 19 in the GFCI 2018 (Global Financial Centers Index), leaving behind Frankfurt, Paris or Abu Dhabi. Dubai has become the largest financial centre in the MENA region.

The key accelerator of this evolution is financial technology, which has a broad impact on Dubai’s economy. FinTech start-ups in the region have raised over $100 million of funds over the last decade and this sum is predicted to double by 2020.

“FinTech is not just about digitising money, it’s about monetising data. It’s about how we can create and capture the value‑add from data, previously limited by the technology we had available. It is the second‑round value surge that is now starting to flow from an increasingly digitised economy.”

The MENA fintech industry is seeking for more venture capital to fund growing fintech start-ups, which number grows year by year up to more than 450 start-ups predicted by 2022. According to Accenture analysis, investments into start-ups will increase from $287 million in 2019 to $2.28 billion by 2022.

The UAE is also the Middle East leader in Islamic fintech start-ups. Although the global leader is Indonesia, UAE ranks third, globally. Islamic finance has been developing rapidly throughout this century with financial assets forecasted to $3.8 trillion by 2022, according to Thomson Reuters. The growth of the Islamic finance industry is driven by young, digitally native Muslims that are on average younger than the world’s non-Muslim population.

The Middle East edition of Forbes made a ranking of the 20 best Middle East fintech start-ups in 2018. OneGram ranked 13th as the only Middle East company developing a cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology.

The first Shari’ah-compliant digital asset encased in blockchain

OneGram was designed from the very beginning as a non-bitcoin reliant currency. Its inner architecture brings innovations not only to the broad Muslim community, but also to any investor who is interested in this unique digital payment solution.

The compliance with Shari’ah principles is accomplished by a backing model using a tangible asset — namely gold, which is one of the six allowed commodities in trading. Each coin is backed by at least one gram of gold. OneGram thusintroduces Islamic Finance to an era of disruptive technologies.

Ice Hockey World Championship Cup 2019 To Accept OneGram Cryptocurrency Payments For Event

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People Can Purchase Tickets For The Ice Hockey World Cup 2019 Final Using Cryptocurrencies

A new sports event will now be accepting cryptocurrencies for its tickets. This time, the final of the Ice Hockey World Championship 2019 will allow individuals to purchase tickets using cryptocurrencies. The final will be taking place on May 26, 2019, in Bratislava, Slovakia. The information was released by Boerse Express on March 1st.

Users can acquire these tickets with traditional fiat currencies and credit/debit cards. It is also possible for them to use OneGram, a gold-backed virtual currency that was released by the 01People group that is based in Dubai. 01People is led by a group of IT developers. In order to purchase these tickets, the company has even created a special dashboard for the occasion.

He went on explaining that in the future the intention is to create new solutions for users. Allowing users to purchase tickets with their Gold-backed virtual currency for this important sport event shows in which direction the company is trying to move forward.

The CEO of the company said that individuals can currently use virtual currencies in cafes, restaurants, pharmacies and other shops around the world. With OneGram it is also possible to purchase real estate and cars in Dubai. The firm offers these solutions since 2018.


A few months ago, Litecoin announced that it was sponsoring an international kickboxing game. The team behind Litecoin (LTC) decided to sponsor the whole event rather than a single player in order to gain even more attention from the media.


Since then, Litecoin has experienced important growth. Compared to the lowest point reached by LTC in December, the virtual currency is trading 100% higher than at that time.


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This year, global remittance payments surpassed $613 billion, increasing by 7 percent from 2017, according to statistics from the World Bank.


It’s a vital industry to many Asian, African and South American countries, with money sent to relatives and friends making up significant portions of their respective GDPs.


And as it stands, the sector is largely dominated by just three providers: Western Union, MoneyGram, and Ria.


Western Union charges $5 for a money transfer of up to $50, but a transfer of $900 could cost $76.These fees slide in price as the amount of money to be transferred within the same country. However international transfers are more costly and complicated. However, charges for this same transaction to Ireland range from $5.00 to $42.00 and to China, charges range from $10.00 to $75.00.


MoneyGram is Western Union's biggest rival. MoneyGram recently changed their fees to a flat rate of $11.50 for transferring between $50 and $900 within the United States, and 2% for amounts over $900. But MoneyGram built its reputation on international money transfers. Its international transfer fees.


“You can transfer $500 to Mexico, using a credit or debit card, for a $9.99 fee, but the same transaction costs $31.00 if the money is picked up in Ireland, and $49.99 if it goes to China.”


Ria’s fee structure is not much different, sliding fees based on how much is to be sent, the origination, destination and mode of transaction. Ria even offers an online fee checker that can give you an estimation on what the costs of transferring money might be.


In fact, over 25 percent of all remittance payments are sent using these three services, giving them an unfair control over fees and surcharges.


Not only does that pull money away from individuals that need it, the high fees actively prevent cash from being sent altogether.


But times are changing.


With the advent of FinTech solutions such as TransferWise and InstaRem, money is being sent faster and with lower fees than ever before.


And though these companies have carved out their own piece of the market, there’s a new kid on the block, offering an array of innovative solutions poised to flip the industry on its head.


Where Bitcoin and Ethereum fell short, newcomer Capricoin takes the best of both worlds, discarding the dated algorithms and slow transaction times in the process.


It’s more than just a digital currency, it’s an all-in-one solution for one of the world’s most overlooked, but important industries.


Like many other cryptocurrencies, Capricoin is built on blockchain technology, allowing fast and anonymous transactions with no middle-man. But instead of using a costly and environmentally damaging proof-of-work consensus protocol, Capricoin has chosen the road less traveled.


With its own proof-of-stake blockchain, Capricoin transactions cost virtually nothing and utilize a tiny fraction of the energy its competitors do.


In addition to its innovative approach to blockchain technology, Capricoin has also created an easy-to-use API interface, allowing third parties to easily integrate the tech into their own operations.


This feature, in particular, has practically unlimited potential, allowing reliable, cheap, and easy international transactions at the drop of a hat, opening up a new world of payment possibilities., free from high fees.


Capricoin’s unique take on the growing remittance industry has positioned it well ahead of its competitors, and as a perfect solution for individuals and businesses looking to become involved in one of the fastest growing, and most important industries on the planet.

The Blockchain and Us (2017)

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n 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto invented bitcoin and the blockchain. For the first time in history, his invention made it possible to send money around the globe without banks, governments or any other intermediaries. The concept of the blockchain isn’t very intuitive. But still, many people believe it is a game changer.

Economist and filmmaker Manuel Stagars portrays this exciting technology in interviews with software developers, cryptologists, researchers, entrepreneurs, consultants, VCs, authors, politicians, and futurists from the United States, Canada, Switzerland, the UK, and Australia.

The Blockchain and Us is no explainer video of the technology. It gives a view on the topic, makes it accessible and starts a conversation about its potential wider implications in a non-technical way. The film deliberately poses more questions than it answers.

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How the blockchain will radically transform the economy | Bettina Warburg

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Say hello to the decentralized economy -- the blockchain is about to change everything. In this lucid explainer of the complex (and confusing) technology, Bettina Warburg describes how the blockchain will eliminate the need for centralized institutions like banks or governments to facilitate trade, evolving age-old models of commerce and finance into something far more interesting: a distributed, transparent, autonomous system for exchanging value.

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How the blockchain is changing money and business | Don Tapscott

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What is the blockchain? If you don't know, you should; if you do, chances are you still need some clarification on how it actually works. Don Tapscott is here to help, demystifying this world-changing, trust-building technology which, he says, represents nothing less than the second generation of the internet and holds the potential to transform money, business, government and society.

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Vizionary and their Mission

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ionary’s mission is to create an active global user base for Capricoin & OneGram crypto currenies and contribute to making them become one of the most widely used and respected crypto currencies on the market.

We promote the adoption of the coin through an innovative network marketing system that is exciting, fun and rewarding.

Vizionary is three opportunities in one:

  • A crypto coin with unprecedented potential
  • A rewarding members only trading platform
  • A powerful and innovative recommendation program

Vizionary is a network marketing company that provides crypto currency education, both theoretical and practical. The theoretical part is step-by-step info about crypto currency and keeping the members updated about the latest news in the industry. The practical part is that we offer a mining service with access to an online crypto currency wallet and access to an exchange platform.

As we go through our daily life, we are given many opportunities. These opportunities present themselves in different ways, some are easy to spot and others are hidden from an unexperienced eye. When the time comes, you will be asking yourself a few questions:

  • How do I know this is going to work?
  • How do I know that it will be worth it?
  • How serious am I about this?

In the end it takes experience to make the right choice. You need to analyse all the presented material and ensure that even the smallest detail about the business makes logical sense, and has potential to enter the respective market in the respective time period.

We will simplify the whole process so everyone can participate by a few clicks of a button.

The greatest opportunities in our lives pass us by without us realizing their significance at the time. Vizionary is here to grasp the moment of the revolutionary shift of global economy to make an impact and change the lives. Together we will change the way people buy and sell products and services online and in the real world.

Bitcoin has been around for a few years and many of you are aware that it is gaining popularity. The very nature of the inherent design of Bitcoin is to enable transactions that are untraceable by governments and banks. While this remains a fringe activity, it will be tolerated. Very soon governments and tax authorities will want a cut of the action.

Sooner or later we will all realise that there is nothing mysterious about using crypto currencies. Part of the Vizionary Mission is to educate our users about how to maximise their stake in the new economy.

We believe that in the future, crypto currency and traditional Fiat currency will co-exist hand in hand. The changes are subtle, and they are happening all around us. Most of us already prefer to use credit cards and other electronic forms of money instead of cash.

Along with selling the crypto currency mining packages, our primary focus is to provide crypto currency education program, both theoretical and practical. The bronze starter pack shown above is a step by step guide to becoming a user of crypto-currencies, information on the history, expert opinions and current view of the future of the business as online documents and videos. The other packages are about providing a crypto currency mining service.

In the long run the only systems of payments that will survive are those that will enable legal business transactions.

This is where we come in. Our aim is to ensure that we work with coins that are used for legitimate purposes. We want to build a community of users with a common purpose of supporting, developing, growing, or creating a long term stable payment solution. We aim to create a community of hard working merchants who are not constantly worried about chargebacks or having their accounts frozen by the banks at whim.

Vizionary is designed to be simple and stable. Our key business strengths are built on a strong and experienced Operations Team and a professional network of Associates.

What has The OneGram Team been up to?

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OneGram has closed it’s 1st Phase of sales on the 3rd of Sept, 2017, but the team could not be busier! We have been working harder to do right by our supporters. YOU! In today’s update, we want to talk about the following:

  • OneGram Development
  • Vizionary Partnership
  • Gold Storage
  • 3rd Islamic Retail Banking Award by Cambridge IF Analytica

OneGram Development

We are extremely proud to announce that in our pursuit to ensure ONEGRAM, GOLDGUARD and YALLAPAY remain at the forefront of crypto development and innovation we have forged an alliance with our development partners who are the leading experts in the crypto and blockchain space through a joint venture vehicle namely 01 Crypto House, which enables us to mobilise our own in-house crypto development team which will not only work internally on the monitoring, development, maintenance and security of our own systems but deliver innovation to the wider global tech community. We have made this investment to further assure our investors that ONEGRAM is sparing no expense to establish our digital token as the leading global payment solution with the latest technology and support systems.

01 Crypto House is a select team of professionals and blockchain enthusiasts experienced in many different areas such as blockchain business strategies, crypto development, crypto security, fintech systems, integrations and smart contract applications.

01 Crypto House is hard at work in the development of the technologies that will make OneGram successful. We are on schedule to launch within the 1st quarter of 2018. We have not had a group of people more dedicated and goal oriented as the team we have now! While there may be some setback in our timeline due to team changes, we have no doubt that 01 Crypto House will take this project to the finish line and even farther!

The OneGram Blockchain

The key elements of the OneGram Blockchain have been updated while the basic specifications will stay true to the original whitepaper:

Key Elements

  • Blockchain core – Graphene / fork
  • Delegate Proof of Stake (DPOS)
  • Minimum witness nodes 11
  • Block size up to 1MB
  • Block time 60 seconds
  • Units: One gram coin (OGC)
  • 12,400,786 OGC
  • Recyclable coins (no burning)
  • eWallet + optional HW wallet integration


  • Transaction fee – 1%, up to a maximum of 1 OGC
  • 70% of this fee is reinvested to buy more gold
  • 25% of this fee will be used for development & operations
  • 2.5% will be donated to Charities
  • 2.5% will reward miners (DPOS staking)

Vizionary Partnership

As partners, OneGram and Vizionary travel together to build a stronger distribution team. Together, we were privileged to be guests at the Business Channel Turk TV in Istanbul, Turkey as well as headed an event for our network leaders in Lahore, Pakistan.

  • Total OGCs sold: 16,926 coins
  • Total OGCs waiting for payment: 21676 coins
  • Total Orders in Progress: 6786 coins

Critics’ Choice for Best Islamic Cryptocurrency Award

On the 14th of Nov, 2017, we were honored to accept this award from Cambridge IF Analytica’s 3rd Islamic Retail Banking Awards 2017.

Receiving this award is an amazing achievement for us. We started 10 or 11 months ago with this amazing concept. We knew we were going to break new ground. We were bringing together the conventional commodities investment and pairing it with the latest technology in digital currency – which not many people are aware of – and we are encasing this in a 1400-year-old jurisprudence. So obviously, everything was a first, but with an amazing team, with the fantastic media response, and most importantly gaining investor support for OneGram, we made a mark in history, for sure. We are also beginning to make marks with the industry and receiving this award is an acknowledgment of that for which we are very grateful! It’s an honor for us to receive this award and we thank you very much! — Mohammed Ibraheem Khan

Official updates and announcements will be released via and user notifications in

As always, any questions, concerns, and support requirements you may send an email to

We thank you for your support and pray that God blesses you more! In sha Allah!


The OneGram Team

Want to purchase OneGram go to:" target="_blank">Order here

OneGram Wins Critics? Choice Award 2017

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Another First in the Cryptocurrency Industry

Dubai, UAE [16-Nov-17] – OneGram, the first and only Sharia Compliant Cryptocurrency backed by physical gold, has again made its mark in history.

The Islamic Retail Banking Awards (IRBA) is the first-of-its-kind Islamic banking awards program developed by Cambridge IF Analytica. On the 14th of November, 2017, the 3rd IRBA was held at JW Marriot Marquis Hotel in Dubai where more than 30 awardees where recognized in their respective categories.

The Critics’ Choice for Best Islamic Cryptocurrency was awarded to OneGram. This is the first time a cryptocurrency has ever been recognized in a mainstream awards program such as IRBA.

“Receiving this award is an amazing achievement for us. We started 10 or 11 months ago with this amazing concept. We knew we were going to break new ground. We were bringing together the conventional commodities investment and pairing it with the latest technology in digital currency – which not many people are aware of – and we are encasing this in a 1400-year-old jurisprudence.

So obviously, everything was a first, but with an amazing team, with the fantastic media response, and most importantly gaining investor support for OneGram, we made a mark in history, for sure. We are also beginning to make marks with the industry and receiving this award is an acknowledgement of that for which we are very grateful!


It’s an honor for us to receive this award, “says Mohammed Ibraheem Khan, Founder of OneGram and CEO of GoldGuard.

The OneGram Gold Backed Cryptocurrency from Dubai

Posted by Ernest John Fleckenstein on October 20, 2017 at 9:05 PM Comments comments (1)

Shariah Compliant and Gold Backed Digital Token

About eight years ago, a pseudonymous cryptographer known as Satoshi Nakamoto introduced Bitcoin as a digital analog to gold: Limited in supply, but secured by modern cryptography, and made for the internet age. Following Satoshis footsteps, many tried to improve on Satoshis original vision, and thousands of alternative cryptocurrencies were born.

Despite significant recent developments and innovation, the market for cryptocurrencies remains very niche. Cryptocurrencies still have shortcomings that discourage mainstream use, in particular high volatility and barriers to entry. It’s also worth noting that existing cryptocurrencies have not been designed with Islamic markets in mind. While the 1.6 billion Muslims make up over 23 percent of the world population, many Muslims simply can’t use cryptocurrencies because of their restricted legal status and high barriers to entry in many countries in the Islamic world.

OneGram aims to solve these issues by using blockchain technology to create a new kind of cryptocurrency, where each coin is backed by one gram of gold at launch.

In addition, each transaction of OneGram Coin (OGC) generates costs), thus increasing the amount of gold that backs each OneGram. Therefore, each OGC increases in real value over time, making OneGram unique among cryptocurrencies.

1 Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin and alternative cryptocurrencies are starting to see widespread adoption. The main innovation behind cryptocurrencies is that, instead of relying on a trusted third party, transactions are recorded and propagated in a distributed ledger known as blockchain. This allows transactions to be trustless, censorship-resistant, permission less and private. Once a transaction is confirmed by the blockchain network, it becomes irreversible: it can’t be charged back through a dispute process like other forms of money transfer. Cryptocurrencies promise to radically change how we do banking by removing artificial barriers caused by legacy financial institutions, allowing for:

• True peer-to-peer payments anywhere in the world.

• Minimal transaction fees and processing time compared to traditional banking.

• Payments between pseudonymous parties ensuring financial privacy.

• Non-reversible transactions preventing chargeback’s and fraud.

2 Sharia and Islamic Finance

Sharia is a set of religious laws derived from the Islamic tradition, in particular, the Quran and Hadith. It includes principles that guide the financial, economic, legal, and domestic affairs of Muslims.

Islamic finance prohibits unjustified enrichment, as well as engaging in transactions with excessive risk or speculation (such as gambling), in order to establish justice and avoid exploitation in business transactions. Accordingly, Islamic scholars derived 3 key criteria that differentiate Islamic finance from its counterparts:

• Prohibiting interest, which is the source of unjustifiable income.

• Encouraging profit and loss sharing based on the partners capital, risks share and effort.

• Prohibiting transactions that are uncertain and excessively speculative.

2.1 Money According to Sharia

Most Muslims today have no idea that the money they use is arguably not Sharia-compliant. Most of the world uses fiat currency, which is money backed only by legal tender laws. Historically, money was either created from or backed by precious metals. That said, what is money in Islam? One of the most reliable Islamic scholars on the subject is Imran Hosein[1], who specializes in modern socio-economic and political issues. He explains the six key properties of money in Islam as:

1. Money is either precious metals or food.

2. Money is abundant and widely available.

3. Money is durable and does not spoil or corrode.

4. Money has intrinsic value.

5. Money exists in creation and is made valuable by God.

6. Money functions as a medium of exchange.

Fiat money would comply with the first point if backed by metal or food. Unfortunately, countries no longer back their currencies with commodities anymore. This has been the case since the U.S. canceled the convertibility of the United States dollar to gold with the Nixon Shock in the 70s[2]. Since then, national currencies have had freely floating exchange rates, dictated mainly by central banks monetary policies[3].

Fiat currencies are indeed abundant and widely available within the jurisdictions where they are accepted.

Modern paper money and coins, along with their digital counterpart, are durable enough as required by the third point.

Does fiat money have intrinsic value? Since the Nixon Shock of 1971, the exchange rates of national currencies are free floating, so fiat money can no longer claim to have an intrinsic value. It is backed by the government issuing it, but that isnt intrinsic value.

Fiat currency is made valuable by a government’s artificial monetary policy, so clearly the fifth point is not respected.

As for the last point, fiat money is indeed used as a medium of exchange. In fact, one can claim that this is the only use for fiat money.

So, fiat money complies with, at best, three of the six properties of money in Islamic law. What about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin? While Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies are much closer to the Islamic definition of money than modern fiat money, they still fall short, as they are not backed by any tangible real world asset. So there is a need for a better option.

Each OneGram is backed by a minimum of one gram of gold. OneGram is abundant. When the coins will go on sale at the Initial Coin Offering (ICO), there will be 12,400,786 tokens. All of them will be available for purchase through our partner gold exchange, GoldGuard, an online gold trading platform that enables customers to buy and sell gold at spot rates and physically store it. Following the ICO, anyone will be able to buy and sell OneGram freely through many international channels.

OGCs are durable and can be kept safely in your cryptographically secure wallet. OneGram has an intrinsic value because its backed by physical gold.

The OneGram ecosystem will offer merchant apps and payment processing services, making OneGram an excellent medium of exchange all around the world.

OneGram is a comprehensive Sharia compliant product and follows the three basic criteria for trading in Islamic finance: There is no interest mechanism in the issuance of OneGram, profit-loss sharing is part of the rewards scheme, and there is minimal speculation as OneGram is an asset backed by physical gold.

2.2 Gold Investments and Sharia

Historically, gold-investing has been problematic under Sharia law. While there is currently limited guidance for gold coins and bars, there is virtually no guidance on gold elsewhere in the financial sector[4].

For example, in most cases, trading gold futures contracts is forbidden by Islamic law, because gold futures contracts aren’t backed by physical gold and you can end up paying or receiving interest on your trading account. As a result, most people who wanted to buy gold as an investment purchased gold in its physical form, such as jewelry or coins.

In December 2016, the Sharia Gold Standard was introduced by the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI), the World Gold Council and Amanie Advisors.

With this new standard, Muslim investors will now be able to take advantage of an increasing range of gold-backed investment opportunities, which had previously been non-compliant.

OneGram complies with the Sharia Gold Standard. So you can feel safe knowing that your investment will respect your values as well as pro- viding you with financial growth

3 Limited Downside Unlimited Upside

The history of fiat currency is a history of volatility. The average lifespan of fiat currency is only 27 years old[5]. Even if a currency survives, invariably it will experience inflation. With central banks having the power to print as much currency as they please, combined with the destructive effects of inflation, the purchasing power of fiat money experiences a steady decline. The world’s oldest fiat currency, the British pound, is an excellent example: it has lost 99.5 percent of its value since inception.

Historically gold is more resilient, and holds its worth better than any fiat currency, particularly in times of economic instability. No currency can guarantee absolute stability, but OneGram limits your exposure to the downside risk. Since the base price of OneGram is always at least equal to the spot price of gold, OneGram has a floor price.

What’s more is that usage and market demand also adds a premium to the value of OneGram. Therefore, OneGram has a three-part valuation system to determine its market price.

The first part is the Gold Value (GV), with the value being determined by the spot price of gold. The second part is the present value of the transaction fees reinvested to buy more gold (TF), with the value being determined by the usage of OGC. The last part is the Demand Premium (DP), with the value being determined by market demand. This creates the following formula for the market price:

OneGram Value = GV+T F+DP

4 Growth With Every Transaction

Each OneGram transaction generates a 1% transaction fee, up to a maximum of 1 OGC. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, in OneGram, 70% of this fee is reinvested to buy more gold and increase the amount of gold that backs each token. As transaction volume increases, more gold gets added to the vault and all OneGram owners share in the profit. So, over time, the value of each OneGram rises by design. This makes OneGram a unique asset whose value increases perpetually. 25% of this fee will be used for development and Operations. 2.5% will be donated to Charities and 2.5% will reward miners (POS staking).

The transaction volume for a new cryptocurrency is typically low. To address this, we will be introducing a variety of tools for rapid real-world adoption of OneGram as a currency.

OneGram Coins are issued and redeemed for gold via the the GoldGuard platform. Following the ICO, the OGCs can be bought, sold and traded via any major cryptocurrency trading platform.

A new payment gateway, YalaPay, will be launched for OneGram Coins. Besides fiat conversion, YalaPay will include marketing tools such as a white label loyalty program for merchants, featuring special offers, and discounts for customers. The model will be first introduced in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, with the payment institution license already in place.

A GoldGuard Mastercard debit card (Liquid Gold) will also be created, which will work across the globe in ATMs, POS systems and online. It will be possible to recharge the Liquid Gold card with Fiat, OGC or Gold through our payment gateway, online or through GoldGuard ATM machines.

By giving customers all the best financial services offered by cryptocurrencies and more, OneGram will make all transactions easy for the users.

5 Technical Specifications

OneGram Coin uses a unique proof-of-stake blockchain with over 3 months of development by expert cryptocurrency engineers. Our fully-customized blockchain takes inspiration from Bitcoin, Dash and BlackCoin. All trans-actions are near-instant and private. We strengthened the consensus mechanism by introducing trusted nodes operated by verified entities. The cumulative 2.5% transaction fees distributed in a block reward to the trusted nodes will maintain a secure blockchain. The OneGram blockchain block size limit is 1MB with an average 1 minute block time.

6 Smooth Entry and Exit With GoldGuard

Buying and selling cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is not always an easy task. Depending on where you live, there may be no obvious entry and exit point. Mining cryptocurrencies is even more difficult, requires costly equipment, and is definitely not for the average user. This is one of the reasons we are doing our ICO with GoldGuard, offering the investors an easy way to acquire OneGram Coins.

Once a OneGram Coin is issued, it can be redeemed for physical gold from GoldGuard at any time. Any OneGram Coin redeemed for gold or equivalent in fiat currency is sent to a publicly verifiable burn address, permanently removing the coin from circulation.

GoldGuard is licensed with Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZ) to trade jewelry, namely gold. Established in 1996, within the boundaries of Dubai International Airport, DAFZ is one of the fastest growing Free Zones in the region.

All gold is safeguarded by our logistics and transportation expert Loomis. All accounts at GoldGuard are asset-backed, audited by PwC, and insured against theft and damage.

7 Giving Back to the Community

Giving back to the community and setting a good example for others is central to how we do business. We seek to contribute to social and economic progress both globally and locally. With that in mind, we created the OneGram Foundation (OGF). OGF will take 2.5% of the total transaction fees that OneGram products generate and donate it to local and international charities. By sharing our success, we aim to bring relief to the lives of the less fortunate.

OGF supports the principles of Islamic sharing and caring. The OneGram community is contributing, through corporate social responsibility, to humanitarian causes.

8 OneGram ICO, How You Can Participate

The OneGram ICO will take place on the GoldGuard gold exchange. The first step to participate in the ICO is to register with GoldGuard and purchase gold. Then the gold can be redeemed for OGC via the same platform. There is a fee of 10% charged during the purchase; this fee is expected as by purchasing OGC, the investor is not only purchasing an asset that offers the spot value of gold but also the future value of additional gold to be purchased from transaction fees.

The maximum supply of OGC is 12,400,786. The ICO starts on May 21st, 2017, and will end when all coins are sold or after a maximum of 120 days. If the tokens do not sell out, there will be a new total supply of OGC equal to the amount of OGC sold in the ICO. After that, no more coins will ever be issued.

At any given moment, you can see the amount of gold backing your coin in the official OneGram wallet app and the GoldGuard website. Through GoldGuard, you are able to redeem your coins for gold or equivalent fiat currency. After the ICO, you will also be able to buy and sell OneGram Coins through any cryptocurrency exchange that lists OGC.


[1] Imran N. Hosein. The Gold Dinar And Silver Dirham: Islam And The Future Of Money.

[2] Sandra Kollen Ghizoni. Nixon Ends Convertibility of U.S. Dollars to Gold and Announces Wage/Price Controls.

[3] Felipe Larrain Jeffrey D. Sachs. Macroeconomics for Global Economies.

[4] Mohd Daud Bakar. Aaoifi Shariah Standard On Gold Under Development In Collaboration With The World Gold Council And Its Expected Impacts.

[5] Michael G Pento. The Coming Bond Market Collapse: How to Survive the Demise of the U.S. Debt Market

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